Painting technician: Tim Johnson

Method and materials workshops, 1-2-1 technical support, Paint, Supports, Grounds

Print technicians: Richard and Charlotte

Mono-printing, Screen-printing, Intalglio,

Photo etching and photopolymer, Woodcut,

linocut, Digital printing, Bookbinding, artist books, box making

Wood technicians: Will 

Stretcher and board making, Joinery, Routing

Wood-carving, General woodwork

Photography, Animation & AV technicians:

Nick and Jack

Digital SLRs (still and video), HD video cameras, 8mm and 16mm celluloid film and editing suite, Sound and recording, Stop frame animation, Green Screen, Max MSP, DSLR cameras, 35mm medium and large format analogue cameras, darkroom for black and white printing, bookable photography production space

Sculpture technicians: Sara and Drew

Welding, casting, general 3d fabrication

Digital Media Centre technicians: 

Mariana and Grzesiek 

Video Editing, Animation, 3D Modeling

Digital Photography, Design Work

Illustration, Scanning, Large scale printing